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Asian Eyeliner Trends

Asian Eyeliner Trends

Eyeliner out there may be simple makeup, but in the right hands, it is one of the most powerful tools that you can own. Just a single line can completely change your look. If there is on country which knows how to apply eyeliner well, it is South Korea. Women there know how to put together a style which just pops with the minimum amount of effort. On this page, we are going to look at their most popular styles.

Layered Eyeliner

This is a style which is really taking South Korea by storm now. This is because with the layered eyeliner look, you can get creative. The idea is to be liberal with the application of several different colors of gel eyeliner. As you blend them together, you will create a stunning and unique look. You can use pencil eyeliners, but they are very difficult to texture for this look.
As this is a very creative style, it may take you a couple of ‘attempts’ to get a look that you are happy with, so you best hope that you have some time free!


The idea behind the ‘fishtail’ style is to extend the eye. Basically, you will follow the angle of the bottom and the top of the eyelids. These lines then meet at a pre-determined point. You can then fill in the area. This creates a fishtail. The more of the eye that you surround with the eyeliner, the more ‘dramatic’ the look is going to be.

Never Connect Style

This is a way of wearing eyeliner which you may not be all that familiar with. The idea is that you thickly outline both the top and bottom of the eye, but these lines are never going to connect. South Koreans believe that connecting the lines makes the eyes look a whole lot smaller. Make sure you style your eyelashes well if you really want to make this look work for you. Couple this with some good eyebrow stylings and you are going to look stunning.

Bottom Line

This style involves the whole of the top of the eye being outlined. However, you are only going to outline the corner of the bottom of the eye. This is quite a dramatic style which may not work for everybody out there. If the style doesn’t work for you, then you can easily draw the line at the bottom of the eye a little bit longer. It will provide a far better frame.

Remember, if you wish to look the best that you possibly can do with eyeliner, it is important that you invest in a quality set of pens. Do not skimp here, even if you are buying a few of them. A quality pen is going to go a long way to ensuring that you look fabulous. Try to invest in a couple of different colors of eyeliner, this way you will always have something that makes you look great!

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