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Physical Beauty in Today’s Society

While many people like to say that one must not judge a book by its cover, studies show that people still associate good characteristics with attractive people long before they can even have contact with each other. Furthermore, research also show that numerous people judge one another’s success, financial status and relationships, based on their physical appearance. This boils down to the question: how important is physical beauty in today’s society?

Physical attractiveness varies from person to person. Some people prefer blonde men or women over brunette ones. Furthermore, some like dark complexions over fair ones. However, this does not mean that one person is less attractive than the other. Physical beauty continues to be subjective, but stereotyping still remains depending on the society a person is living in.

Social media can influence how a person may think of physical beauty. For example, many people post their pictures on social networking sites (SNS) like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Since these are interactive platforms, pictures can reach to thousands or even millions of people all over the world. They can share, like and comment on pictures. Most of the time, aspiring models turn to social media to gain their way to fame. However, SNS does not work with pure luck and talent. They also work with what people perceive to be physically attractive.

Physical Beauty in Today’s Society
Physical Beauty in Today’s Society

Physical beauty in today’s society is judged by countless people using these platforms. Moreover, the like and follow features have become people’s basis on how to judge one’s attractiveness. However, it is important to know that SNS are just pieces of how others perceive beauty.

It is significant to know that culture also plays an important part when it comes to defining beauty. There can be a specific group of people who think that beauty can be defined by having flawless, white skin with round eyes and fluttering eyelashes, added with rosy cheeks and pouty lips. However, there can also be another group where beauty means having freckled cheeks, high cheekbones, small eyes and double chins.

Today, many people turn to makeup and fashionable wardrobe to enhance their physical beauty. Moreover, these items help a person build self-confidence to face different groups of people every day.

Enhancing physical beauty in today’s society is not a big problem anymore. There are countless available resources to choose from in the market. However, it is important to remember that overall beauty begins with a person’s self-confidence and belief that he or she is physically attractive already, and that how people see him or her is only a piece of his or her identity.

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