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How Biotin Makes Hair Grow Faster

How Biotin Makes Hair Grow Faster

As far as I can remember, I’ve always had hair loss problems in my life. Every time I’d brush my hair, I would find quite a few hair strands on my hair brush. The problem becomes very annoying since it influences my hair thickness. I can’t style my hair like I would like to because it will make the hair more vulnerable. Meanwhile, my hair growth was very slow. At this rate, I think I will go bald soon. It is such a scary thing to imagine it happens.

Biotin pills

Some friends suggested I look up biotin supplements on the internet. They convinced me that biotin has a very good effect on hair growth. Since I am not usually the one who trusts things very easily, I do my own research. Besides reading about biotin from different sources, I also ask some experts in nutrition and hair growth to give me a more convincing explanation.

Biotin, or vitamin H, is a part of vitamin B complex. The vitamin is actually also found in our body. The whole vitamin B complex plays very important roles. Vitamin B is vital to energy production: it converts carbohydrates into glucose. It also helps the metabolism of proteins and fats by turning them into smaller building blocks. It also plays a role in helping our nervous systems function well.

How Biotin Makes Hair Grow Faster

Besides all those benefits, recent findings say that biotin has another function: biotin makes hair grow faster healthier. Researchers concluded that biotin is important for people to have healthy hair. Since the most important role of the vitamin is to break down fatty acids, the lack of it will cause disturbance such as dry scalp, hair dullness, and hair loss.

Biotin supplement is available in the forms of pills and capsules. Some of those contain pure biotin but some others have more complex vitamins and nutrients inside. Besides taking the supplements orally, we can also use hair products containing vitamin H (Biotin). The dosage of the supplements should be discussed with your health providers, meanwhile the hair products can be used safely. Usually, vitamin H will be combined with zinc in hair products to reduce hair loss and help hair growth.

Biotin makes hair thicker

Hair thinning is not only a problem for elder people, it also happens to us who let our hair exposed to direct sunlight or chemical hairstyling products. Sometimes, it can even happen for no reason and we are not aware that our bodies are actually lacking important nutrients.

By taking vitamin H supplements and using hair products containing biotin, our hair will be stimulated to grow with healthier hair follicles. As a result, hair will grow longer in a shorter time and it will be stronger, too. Because the hair is stronger, hair breakage and hair loss will be minimized. Without losing too much hair from breakage and hair loss, our hair will be thicker.

Besides, our hair color will be prettier when there is enough biotin in our body. The lack of biotin will make our hair appear dull. With biotin, it will shine healthily and beautifully.


Despite the fact that biotin is good for our hair and body, it will have side effects if we do not use it properly. Biotin can trigger the spread of pimples across our face if we take the wrong dose. Instead of looking great with healthy hair and skin, we will be embarrassed like a teenage girl or boy with pimples.

For that reason, it is very important to always consult an expert on the dosage. Don’t be tempted to take more to get a quick result. Just like any vitamin, overconsumption is the opposite of healthy. If taking the supplements in even small amounts results in a breakout, then switch to using a shampoo with Biotin instead.

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