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How to Choose the Right Face Powder?

face powder
face powder

Ever since the start of the 20th century, women have grown confident and successful in many of their endeavours. With so many successful career women paving the way, it’s no surprise why many of those who also aim to be successful ask what makes them confident. For some, it is education. Others may say that it is the way they carry themselves - both physically and mentally.

The most common answer is that they feel beautiful when they go about their daily businesses. Some say that when women feel beautiful, they can evoke a sense of confidence and professionalism.

Most of the time, women spend a lot on various make-up products. However, they don’t really need that much. All they need is a simple face powder. Aside from helping one retain her makeup, applying face powder is a great way to retouch without having to undergo the lengthy process of applying several makeup products again.

How does one choose the right face powder?

Because of the abundance of face powder products, as well as the different skin tones of women, it is important for them to know which one can complement their specific skin type and tone. Here are some expert tips in choosing the best face powder:

Avoid choosing a powder based solely on its pigmentation

A lot of women rely on the powder’s initial pigmentation when making their choice. Experts suggest trying different powders to see which one perfectly complements your skin tone. Stay away from face powders with shades that can make your facial skin look lighter than its natural tone. Your chosen face powder should not only complement your skin tone, but should also brighten your face naturally.

Look for a powder, which is not harmful for the skin.

This is a vital tip since some women have different reactions to certain ingredients in the face powder. Some powders may cause minor allergic reactions, such as boils and rashes, while others may cause severe reactions such as allergic contact dermatitis, further leading to swelling, itching and blisters. Test three potential face powders, at first, and observe the results. This will let you determine which one is safe for you.

Invest in a Good Brand

Brands, such as Bare Minerals and MAC, are quite costly, but many swear about their effectiveness. Look for a brand with lots of positive reviews and feedback. Some customers are willing to shell out a huge amount of money for these products, provided these are one-time investments, so it is always advisable to choose a face powder from a reputable brand.

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